Literacy Collaborative Framework

What is Literacy Collaborative Framework?


The Literacy Collaborative Framework incorporates all of the elements of effective schools to support improved literacy instruction and student achievement through:
Providing a research-based instructional model that is language-based, student-centered, process-oriented, and outcome-based;
Creating in-school and in-district leadership through the training and support of school-based literacy leadership teams, administrators, and literacy coaches;
Establishing long-term site-based development for every member of the school’s literacy faculty; and
Helping schools monitor the progress of every student through systematized assessment, data collection, and analysis.

- The Ohio State University (2019)


We use the Literacy Collaborative Framework in grades K-5

-to significantly raise the level of achievement in reading and language arts for all students

-to provide instruction that is in the students ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development)


Urbana City Schools is currently implementing the Literacy Collaborative Framework Kindergarten through Grade 5.


Additional Information:


Literacy Collaborative Brochure 


The Ohio State University Literacy Collaborative Website 

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